World One, Mumbai - India

World One, Mumbai - India

World One is a residential skyscraper in Mumbai. The project has cost US$310 million, and will be completed by 2014. It will have the world’s second tallest residential tower. It will be rated as Leed Gold Certified building by the Green Building Council.

Pyrocoustic® Sealant

Installation – Sealing of Linear Joints in the perimeter and at the top of walls within the building, service openings.

Main Contractor – Arabian Construction
Specialist Installer – Headway Chemicals
Client – Lodha Group
Date – 2013

Headway Chemicals based in Pune had presented Pyrocoustic Sealant to seal head of wall joints and service penetrations on this prestigious project. The extensive testing and certification held on the product has provided the important capability required including the 2 hour fire resistance, making the building safe.