Tecno-Sil 621 Silicone Sealant (Sanitary)

Tecno-Sil 621 is a high modulus one-component, easy to tool, silicone sealant which when exposed to atmospheric humidity cures rapidly to form a permanently flexible and extremely durable sanitary and weather-tight seal. The cured sealant will accommodate joint movement of 25 % throughout a wide temperature range.
Tecno-Sil 621 is a high modulus sealant and should be selected for use on applications where joint loads are high and where relative movement between substrates is to be minimised and sanitary applications.
• Swimming pools
• Sanitary environments
• All classical glazing joints
• Door and window frames
• Cladding and curtain wall construction
• Shop windows, display cases, panels and signs
• Portable buildings, caravans and containers
• Conservatories and greenhouses
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting
• Construction joints
EN 15651-1 F-INT-EXT CC
EN 15651-2 G-CC
EN 15651-3 XS1

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