Tecno-Sil 620 Professional Construction Silicone

Tecno-Sil 620 is a Low Modulus, one component, odourless, ready-to-use and easy to tool neutral silicone elastomer intended to produce sealing and bonding joints.
Tecno-Sil 620 has been especially formulated with professional sealant applicators in mind. It cures at room temperature in the presence of air moisture to give a flexible and strong seal with low modulus of elasticity.
Tecno-Sil 620 is intended to seal and bond joints in the construction and glazing industries, specifically for:
• Traditional construction joints to accommodate expansion and maintain stability.
• Light duty prefabrication including curtain walls metal covings.
• Bonding of decorative panels
• Perimeter seals in aluminium, wood and PVC frames.
• Elastic seals in glazing applications on aluminium, wood and PVC.
• Heavy duty prefabrication (terrace, wall and facade panel joints)
• Ventilation ducts, piping passages, guttering
EN 15651-1 -INT-EXT CC
EN 15651-2 G-CC
Tecnosil 622

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