Tecno-Cryl Sealant (Expansion & Perimeter Joints)

Tecno-Cryl is a one part acoustic, fire resistant, water based acrylic sealant designed for internal use. Tecno-Cryl is typically used for sealing linear joints and voids in walls and floors to maintain the acoustic, air and fire resistant performance of a compartment. Tecno-Cryl is high quality general purpose sealant with acoustic and fire resistant properties, offering a sound reduction of 63dB and tested in accordance with EN1366-4 in joints up to 50mm. Tecno-Cryl has good adhesion to a wide variety of common construction substrates without the need for a primer.
• Construction Joints
• Door frames
• Acoustic Seals
• Linear Fire Seals
• Dry lining
EN 15651-1 F-INT

Product Information Document (PID)
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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