PipeBloc® EL

PipeBloc® EL is designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes both with and without insulation. PipeBloc® EL is formulated with thermoplastic composites based on reactive intumescent technology, it has been developed to provide a high volume expansion and high pressure seal in the event of a fire. PipeBloc® EL offers a solution on pipes with a maximum diameter of 200mm. PipeBloc® EL allows for a variety of wall thickness’s for internal and external applications. The ultra-thin design ensures that the EL wrap can be installed into the tightest of locations. PipeBloc® EL can be installed in flexible wall, rigid wall, and rigid floor. PipeBloc® EL can also be installed directly in to the Stopseal® Batt System seal. PipeBloc® EL comes as a 25 metre roll.

EN 1366-3
EN 13501-2
Etag 026 Type X
UAE Certificate of Compliance

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