Fire Stopping Specification Packs

29 Feb 2024

FSi Promat introduces specification packs to support early passive fire protection design

Specialist specification packs have been introduced by FSi Promat to help architects, fire engineers and specifiers select the correct fire stopping solutions for building projects at the earliest stage in the design, which is vital to help ensure they are delivered on time and on budget.

The packs offer fast access to the in-depth information that is needed to accurately specify fire stopping products and systems during the design stage of the building.

The FSi Promat specification packs bring together all the information that would be required when specifying fire stopping systems, including technical guidance, support documents, typical details for a project of the same scope, diagrams explaining installations and the configuration for tested solutions.

The technical documents will contain spacing guidance, to ensure the correct distance is maintained between services and apertures in walls and ceilings, covering the demands of single service and multi-service penetrations.  The specification packs will also include documents about movement accommodation at the deflection head, if required, which is vital to maintain compartment integrity.

By introducing the specification packs, FSi Promat aims to increase the level of support for projects at the earliest stage, providing a full breakdown of the application of passive fire protection needed and the testing that supports that use.

John Gardner, National Specification Manager at FSi Promat, works with developers, architects, and contractors to support them in meeting the passive fire protection requirements of projects, and has worked alongside the technical team to develop the specification packs.

Under the new scheme, John will collate the details, guidance and information that apply to a specific project and work alongside the specifier or fire engineer to ensure that tested solutions are considered, and included, from the earliest stage, avoiding delays caused by the need for evaluations to be done at the installation point.

This level of early engagement means that developers can save a significant amount of time by installing tested solutions and avoid issues such as incorrect service spacing, which would mean that an evaluation needs to be carried out to ensure compliance with regulations.

The specification packs will also help to identify where bespoke evaluations and judgements could be needed and anything that falls outside of the guidance. This can then be referred to the technical team at FSi Promat for extra support.

John said: “Access to detailed information is more important than ever before with the introduction of the Building Safety Act and the golden thread. By introducing specification packs, FSi Promat has two objectives: To support the early specification of passive fire protection, but also to provide the information needed for the golden thread at an early stage, ensuring our customers have everything they need at their fingertips.

“Specifying passive fire protection can be complex, especially where there is an additional challenge, such as an unusual application, and giving as much information and guidance as possible is the best way to support accurate specification to ensure projects run on time and are compliant.

“FSi Promat is known for its technical support and that will continue – but the specification packs will enable us to provide an additional level of depth to the support we offer, covering all bases and helping customers to apply our specialist knowledge to their project easily.”


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+44(0) 1530 515130