Every Clad Needs a Silverliner

10 May 2023

FSi launches new 90-minute Silverliner cavity barrier to expand fire protection range

Fire safety specialist FSi has unveiled a new cavity barrier system that delivers 90 minutes of passive fire protection – backed by fast access to expert technical and installation support.

The Silverliner Open State Cavity Barrier 5 (OSCB-5) provides critical protection that can stop a fire, and the heat generated by it, from spreading for 90 minutes (EI), offering a mid-range solution between the existing 30 minute (EI) and 120 minute (EI) solutions.

The Silverliner 5 has been officially launched this month following rigorous testing and has been designed to provide robust passive fire protection. It has been developed in response to the high demand for a mid-range open state cavity barrier solution where a higher specification 120 minute (EI) system is not required.

As a dry-fit system, the Silverliner range is easy to install, supporting faster project times and is available with short lead times from the UK manufacturer.

With increased scrutiny on the correct specification and installation of cavity barrier fire protection, FSi offers fast and comprehensive technical support to contractors in choosing the correct product and installing it properly.

Liam Blears, FSi’s Business and Technical Development Manager for Facades, said: “There has been a lot of demand for a mid-range FSi product, and the launch of Silverliner OSCB 5 means we now have even broader product availability for varying project requirements.

“It is essential that the correct size cavity barrier system is used to meet the building specification and adding this option to the Silverliner range enables contractors to access a 90 minute (EI) solution.”

The Silverliner OSCB-5 expands the existing range of specialist cavity barrier protection from FSi. The systems are designed to reinstate the lines of compartmentation within an external façade system, when required, yet allow for the free movement of air to satisfy the ventilation requirements.

In the event of a fire the intumescent edge of the barrier swells to close the gap to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another. The time frame within which this contains a fire is vital to allow anyone inside the building to move to a place of safety.

As a UK leader in manufacturing passive fire protection, all FSi cavity barriers meet UK regulations and are third-party approved.

As part of its commitment to quality, FSi provides highly responsive technical support and installation training, including going on site to demonstrate correct fitting and returning to check the installation has been done correctly.

Liam added: “Passive fire protection is absolutely vital to the building envelope and getting it right saves lives. That is the bottom line. Our commitment to quality runs from researching a new product all the way through to ensuring it is fitted correctly, as this is so important to the efficient functioning of passive fire protection.

“Whether a contractor has a question over the correct specification of a cavity barrier, or a technical hitch when fitting cavity barriers, our technical team will provide a swift response to make sure all of our products are fitted as intended.”

To find out more about FSi’s Open State Silverliner Cavity Barriers go to www.fsiltd.com/cavitybarriers


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+44(0) 1530 515130