Every clad needs a silverliner

Every clad needs a silverliner

With our expert advice and fast lead times, cladding projects no longer feel like a cloud hanging over you.
FSi Silverliner® Open State Cavity Barriers (OSCB) are designed to allow continuous air flow around the inner façade but quickly close the gap in the event of a fire; protecting against fire and smoke spreading through the void within the external envelope of buildings. The horizontal barriers can be easily installed to provide up to 50mm of continuous ventilated air space.

Introducing NEW Silverliner® OSCB-5

With the launch of new Silverliner® OSCB-5, a mid-range solution to fulfil the popular 90 minutes (EI) fire protection requirement, the FSi range now includes everything you need from 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute (EI) solutions.

Intended areas of use:

In conjunction with Paraflam® where vertical Cavity Barriers are required

Between the inner substrate and the external building envelope

Where movement of air and moisture is required

Systems to cover void ranges from 52mm - 550mm

Key product advantages:

3rd party approved - IFC

Assumed working life of 25 years

Non-combustible core

‘Dry fit’ solution, no cure time

Fast installation using brackets

Certification: IFC – IFCC1672

1 Silverliner® Open State Cavity Barrier (OSCB 1).
2 Steel Brackets.
3 Paraflam® SEB.
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Certified Product - Fire Resistance

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